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High-Powered Consultant to Governments, Banks and Fortune 500 Companies Reveals…

“New Leadership and Management Training System Will Turbo-Charge Your Organization To Be More Profitable — Filled With Employees Devouring Company Goals Every Day” — Guaranteed!

Limited-Time Special Offer includes a ‘Total Satisfaction Guarantee’ and two FREE Gifts worth $124.00!

In the new 6-part leadership and management training system you’ll discover…

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  • How to be an effective, respected leader, ensuring that your employees devour the company goals every day
  • How to build your team into a laser-focused group of professionals working towards the organization objectives
  • How to squash the competition with a team that is focused and driven on the success of your organization!
  • Leadership and Management techniques of high-powered consultants to Fortune 500 companies, banks, governments and non-profit organizations

You’ll also discover, how to:

  • Be an effective leader of any size organization
  • Build a team of focused, stay-on-task employees
  • Stay on track for the company’s dreams for the future
  • Effectively plan your work, and ACT on your plan
  • Stay focused on company goals
  • Get more clients
  • Keep your current customers happily doing business with you for life!
  • Build “short-term wins” that create an avalanche of success in your organization
  • Develop a company mission that actually gets acted upon every minute of every day
  • And much, much more!

The 6-part course includes:

  1. The Leadership and Management Training System Workbook — 100+ pages, simple-to-use and easy-to-understand. This workbook is guaranteed to inspire your entire organization to “work all the time they work” on company objectives. So powerful and effective that workshop attendees have paid as much as $25,000 for the contents.
  2. Audio CD: The Four Components of an Effective Leader — Presented by Mr. Don Midgett, Managing Partner of The GenesisGroup, a consulting company to multi-national banks, governments, Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. Mr. Midgett has been a consultant to high-profile companies and individuals building effective leadership and management strategies for over 25 years.
  3. Phase I: Mission & Vision; Audio CD #1 — The Managing Partner of The GenesisGroup revealing leadership secrets of creating a powerful company Mission telling the world exactly why your organization exists. In Part two of this audio, Mr. Midgett reveals how to develop a Vision for the company that inspires and motivates.
  4. Phase II: Strategic Planning; Audio CD #2 — Once the Mission & Dreams-for-the-Future of your organization are clearly in place, it’s time put your plan into action. This audio reveals the steps needed to create a strategic plan to make your company dreams a reality.
  5. Phase III: Team Building; Audio CD #3 — Now that the purpose of your business is clear and your goals and objectives are concise, it’s time to build your “A” team — to put your objectives into motion. This 22-minute audio outlines how to effectively manage your team to massive success – faster than you ever thought possible!
  6. Phase IV: Business Development; Audio CD #4 — Business Development is literally the “heart” of your organization. Your approach to this highly critical component of your organization is what will bring you truckloads of paying clients and keep your current clients doing business with you for life. This critical 30-minute audio could revolutionize the way you attract and communicate with your clients forever.

Limited Time FREE Bonus for Fast, Decisive Action — Order Soon and You’ll Receive a $99 FREE Gift

“10 Common Management Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Organization”, a $99 value! – You could be killing the productivity of your employees and not even know it! This information-rich CD is guaranteed to help your management team stay productive. Ensuring an environment that fosters happy, productive employees that are in synch with the long-term company objectives. This CD is definitely worth the entire cost of the course. If you catch just one mistake that you are making and fix it as the course suggests, you could save your organization thousands of dollars over the life of your business in lost training time, employee turn over, workman’s comp, or even worse!

Additional Free Bonus Gift With Your Order

As an additional thank you for your order either version of the Leadership and Management Training System, you will also get a complimentary copy of  “Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path To A Successful Business Future”, a $25.00 value. Mission and vision workshops cost $1,500 or more per day – this self-guided resource is a fraction of that price. After all, enterprises using mission and vision statements successfully outperform those that do not by more than six to one. This priceless eBook reveals all the inside secrets to creating a streamlined organization, focused on your mission and vision. And, to make it even better for you, this resource is yours to keep whether you take us up on our money back guarantee or not.

FAST-ACTION DISCOUNT: Limited-time Special Bonus Offer for Mission and Vision Newsletter Subscriber

Order within the next 7 days and get the entire course not for the regular price of $997, but for the limited-time special discounted price of just $399!

Better Than Money Back Guarantee — Total Satisfaction or Your Money Back

We are so confident that your organization will realize quantum success as a result of the System, that we will make you this never-been-seen before money back guarantee:

If for any reason you are not completely delighted with the Leadership and Management Training System, just return the course in its entirety and you’ll receive 100% of your investment back. No questions asked. And there will be no hard feelings on our part. And keep the free bonuses regardless, worth $124.00 as a thank you for giving us a try.

Order Now

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The Leadership and Management Training System Will Turbo-Charge Your Organization To Be More Profitable — Filled With Employees Devouring Company Goals Every Day! — Guaranteed!.

If for any reason you are not completely delighted, just return the course in its entirety and you’ll receive 100% of your investment back.  And keep the free bonuses regardless, worth $124.00 as a thank you for giving us a try.

Buy NOW only $25.00

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