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A Business Mission Statement & Vision Statement
Why Use Them?

Enterprises using mission statements and vision statements successfully outperform those that do not by more than six to one!

This is according to a study performed by a Stanford professor and reported in the Wall Street Journal.   In today’s increasingly global business world – with tougher and more competition and tighter budgets – every business, and even families and individuals are looking at who they are, what they are doing and how they can do it better — they are writing down their purpose and desired future in the form of mission and vision statements — because quite frankly, when we state our purpose and desired future, we are more likely to achieve them.

“When we developed and used our mission and vision statements as we learned with this process, the biggest change was our going from not being profitable to being very profitable over the next five years — everyone should do this”
— Rod Houck, Inn Owner

Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path To A
Successful Business Future
Now Sold and Used In 17 Countries

A seminar and workshop in one e-book where you will discover:

  • Why and how mission and vision statements drive success
  • Easy to use exercises to write your mission statement and vision statement
  • How to create the future you want (vision statement) and define the beliefs and values that give meaning and direction to your business and life (business mission statement)
  • Sample statements to guide you in crafting your personalized mission and vision statements

Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path To
A Successful Business Future

An affordable e-book resource and leadership tool for anyone!

  • Mission and vision workshops cost $1,500 or more per day – this self-guided process is a very small fraction of that price
  • This e-book offers you convenience: no time wasted traveling; no hotel expenses; you set your own pace
  • For only $25 you learn how to write mission and vision statements that have power and can be used to guide you to greater achievements
  • Our money-back guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied with this e-book, we will cheerfully refund every penny of the purchase price — no questions asked, just email us

“The things I learned in this mission and vision statement process are just part of me now. That was a real growing experience for me; I’ll be forever grateful.”
— Rex Holt, Pastor

Ready and willing to explode your business success?
Buy and begin using this valuable resource TODAY!

Discover Your Path to a Successful Business Future — Create and Use Your
Vision Statement and Business Mission Statement

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Dr. Steve Boshoff, a chiropractor, says

“We found it works on a personal level as well as a business level.”

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